True gourmets know what lies beneath the lids of Šibenik´s pots and what smells from the grill.Delicious meals are made in our pots: seashell or crab shells, fish stews, vegetable stews, meat or seafood risottos, cuttlefish black risotto beans stew, excellent fish and meat soups and unavoidable mangoid as universal side dish for almost everything.



Roasted on the grill, there are fish, shellfish, crabs, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, vegetables ... which are delicious meals prepared the same way as an ancestors did more then 8000 years ago, according to archeological researches. As traditional desserts in Šibenik there are flans -  cakes of eggs, milk and caramel; fritters - made with dough, raisins and liqueur, shaped into plum-sized balls and fried in hot oil; and krostule -prepared the same way  as fritters but in the form of long strips which are then fried in oil.

The old city center is full of taverns and restaurants and whichever one you choose to check out, the gastronomic experience will be memorable (Pellegrini tavern, restaurant City Hall ....)

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